About Steelform USA


The Steelform USA Building Method is a versatile construction product and process that encourages architectural flexibility and innovation. It is an onsite erection and assembly process utilizing panelized walls, or precast components, as forms for poured-in-place concrete which completes the structural connection. The result is a delivery system in which all stages of construction are tightly controlled. Predictability means no "11th hour" surprises and no cost overruns. Having control saves time, money and helps assure quality in every facet of construction.

Firm construction costs can be negotiated at maximum efficiency during the manufacturing and erection processes. The Steelform USA Building Method can cut your overall construction time by 50%, from foundation to occupancy. After topping-out the interior is 60% complete and ready for finish work, which allows earlier occupancy; reducing money spent on short-term loans, increasing potential revenue. Controlled cost and design flexibility is now a reality!